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Dak Lak is a region known for its expansive plateau, adorned with the lush green hues of coffee and pepper plantations. These two crops have been vital to the local agriculture of Dak Lak but are currently facing challenges due to market fluctuations and the damaging effects of climate change. However, amidst these difficulties, a new opportunity has emerged: fruit trees, which offer both economic value and resilience to climate change, providing a sustainable income for the people of Dak Lak.

With fertile soil, favorable climatic conditions, and a reliable water source, Dak Lak possesses ideal conditions for the cultivation of large fruit orchards that can rival those in the western provinces in terms of quantity and quality. As the fruit-growing area expands and output increases, it is essential to consider aspects such as market demand, processing stages, and post-harvest preservation technologies, especially for fruit products. With these considerations in mind and driven by our love for our homeland and the energy of our youth, we proudly introduce DARLAC FARMS - AN AGRICULTURAL BRAND FROM THE HIGHLANDS OF DAKLAK.

At Darlac Farms, our dynamic team is continuously enhancing their knowledge to cater to the market and create high-quality products that meet the criteria of being "DELICIOUS - SAFE - BENEFICIAL FOR HEALTH - ENHANCING BEAUTY" fulfilling the diverse requirements of our customers. Throughout the production process, we remain updated with the latest advancements in machinery and technology to ensure the highest quality standards.

We stand alongside farmers, nurturing and cherishing each tree branch from the moment of planting until the day of harvest. Our team infuses each product with love, enthusiasm, pride, and sincerity.

We express our deep gratitude and appreciation to our customers who have supported and embraced our products wholeheartedly. The moments of enjoyment, satisfaction, and nods of approval are a source of joy and motivation for us to continue our journey, dedicated to serving and accompanying our valued customers. 


Darlac Farms was established by individuals driven by the determination to revolutionize agricultural product services, addressing the existing shortcomings in the industry. Our primary objective is to provide consumers with complete peace of mind when savoring the natural sweetness of our products. Through this commitment, we aim to enhance the quality of life for our customers and contribute positively to society as a whole.


Darlac Farms is committed to becoming the preferred option in the market for fruit, vegetables, and agricultural products in Vietnam and aims to expand its reach to international markets. We constantly strive for excellence and seek to surpass expectations. Our focus on development and technological innovation drives us to continuously enhance product quality, ultimately benefiting human health. At Darlac Farms, we prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our customers, as we believe that offering high-quality, nutritious products is essential for a healthy lifestyle.


           - At Darlac Farms, our utmost priority is customer satisfaction, and we strive to provide the finest quality products and services. We aim to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued customers, ensuring their utmost delight and contentment.

           - Furthermore, we are proud to stand alongside Tay Nguyen farmers, supporting them in achieving prosperity on their own land. Our commitment extends towards operating in a manner that promotes sustainable development, embracing social responsibility as a core value. We actively engage in practices that benefit the local community and contribute to the well-being of society as a whole.

Operation Criteria


Core Values

Darlac Farms has established its core values from the very beginning, understanding their vital role in driving the growth of our brand.

  • Quality: We prioritize quality above all else, ensuring that every product under the Darlac Farms brand meets stringent quality standards. We take great care to preserve the nutritional value and original taste of our products, delivering a truly satisfying experience to our customers.
  • Safety: The health and well-being of our customers are of utmost importance to us. Each product bearing the Darlac Farms name is not only guaranteed to be safe but is also designed with a focus on promoting good health. We implement a rigorous monitoring schedule throughout the entire production process, from planting seedlings with farmers to harvesting, selecting inputs, processing, packaging, and distribution.
  • Responsibility: We hold ourselves accountable for every product we offer and every action we take. In addition to our business responsibilities towards customers, partners, and suppliers, we also prioritize our responsibility to our employees. We create a supportive and empowering work environment, recognizing the integral role they play in our success.
  • Prestige: We firmly believe that corporate reputation is a cornerstone for gaining customer loyalty, building trust within the community, and expanding into new markets. At Darlac Farms, we place great value on maintaining a strong and reputable image, which allows us to establish lasting relationships with our customers and the wider community.



Address: Lot D5, Ea Dar Industrial Complex, Ea Dar Commune, Ea Kar District, Dak Lak Province
Phone: + 84 903 360 584
             + 84 94 943 4488

Email: sale1@darlacfarms.vn